Jennifer Gomez is one of our customers who has benefited from our shipping and home delivery services. It took about 24hours after payment for her to receive her adorable pom puppy. The flight lasted about 4-5 hours and carrier service had the cute baby delivered to her home from the airport. She was delighted as we arrived at her place at Marina Bay Dr E, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 with her fluffy little puppy. Her patience was definitely worth it. Jenifer was kind enough to leave a review on our testimonial page please visit out testimonial page here  to read her review.

Our shipping is done airport to airport; and home delivery from the airport by the carrier service. This is Denice Gaza family from Chicago at NE NEast River Rd, Chicago, IL 60656. They were super excited and felt safe with all the preventive measures who took against COVID-19. 

With animal travel arrangements, it‘s all a matter of knowledge and expertise – in dealing with animals and humans, and in the preparation, planning, organization, and timing. We have been handling animal transportation arrangements of all kinds for over 25years and are well-acquainted with all relevant rules, regulations, and licensing requirements, from health certificates through to the application of CITES guidelines (Washington Convention for the Protection of Endangered Species), and also as regards the selection of optimal containers for the transport of animals. Our professional team can take care of your trip planning and look after your animal transportation from A to Z, right from the outset through to the arrival at your destination airport and home delivery.