We take special delight in breeding and raising our pets. All of our breeding pets are tested for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy). Our pets are negative for FIV and FeLV. All of our pets and our cattery are parasite free of internal and external parasites. Our pets are also ELISA tested for the protozoa’s Giardia and Coccidia and are also clear of these internal protozoa’s. Our cattery is also ringworm free.

We are proud of how our pets live and are continually complimented on the cleanliness of our home and the love and care of our pets. Our pets, are very much loved, played with, fully socialized with other pets and part of our family.We strive to make the lives of all of our pets happy, healthy, loving and enjoyable. By us being so committed to our pets and you can be assured that when taking one of our pups home that they will be the puppy that you have always wanted and desired as part of your family!

We work very hard and are very diligent in maintaining a high standard for our pets. We have a very strict criteria that all of our breeding pets must meet;
They must be of superior quality yet also possessing exceptional traits and personalities yet maintaining that “European Look!” Our puppies come from parents of Champions, Grand Champions and International Grand Champions. Our golden Retriever come to us from the finest catteries in the world.